Heritage Organics Perfect Potting Soil

Natural & Organic

Our highest quality natural and organic indoor/outdoor soil. Ready to use right out of the bag. Simply plant directly in the blend, and water. Ready to use in grow bags, raised beds, large outdoor containers, any pot used inside or outside.


Simply plant directly in the blend, and water. Works great with all nutrient feeding programs.

Flowers, Vegetables and Perennials – Place your plants directly into Heritage Organics® Potting Soil and water in. Plant at a depth according to instructions provided by your local nursery, or information on plant tag.

Trees and Shrubs – When planting or transplanting trees and shrubs after the dirt has been removed from the desired planting location, place Heritage Organics® Potting Soil in the bottom of the hole to a 2 inch depth. Place your plant in hole and fill remainder with blend. Water thoroughly.


Coco coir, peat moss, composted forest product, worm castings, perlite, rice hulls, pumice, soymeal, bat guano, volcanic rock dust, feather meal, green sand, azomite, bone meal, gypsum, dolomite lime, and humic shale ore.